Pravin प्रवीन

Pravin Agarwal, Ph.D

A dynamic, mature, optimistic and integrated individual who is walking the

spiritual path with practical feet, Pravin Agarwal, holds a Phd. From “California Institute of Integral Studies” in Comparative Psychology- the psychology of East and the West. His inspiration from the Western philosophies have been Joseph Campbell, Carl Jung, Ervin Schrodinger, David Bohm and T.S. Elliot, and from the Eastern philosophies – Sri Aurobindo, Gandhi, Meerabai, Mother Teresa and the Collective Unconscious of India .


Having resided in both diverse cultures for more than 35 years , Pravin is experientially and academically fluent in the deep culture of the Americas and India. A Chess player and a lover of Indian classical music, fluent in many Indian languages, Pravin’s passion is the integration of science and spirituality including Quantum Physics, Depth Psychology and Vedanta.


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