Jim जिम

Jim Nolan, Ph.D.

Welcome to Sat Ananda (True Bliss). I am the president of a graduate institution of Counseling and Psychology in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The mission of the school is “Transforming Consciousness through Education.” As a psychologist, counselor and leader, my adult life has been dedicated to enhancing personal growth in myself and others, whether in professional, therapeutic or personal relationships. Personally, perhaps my greatest teacher has been “The Road”–I have traveled extensively in the US and Europe, and last year “discovered” India, where my wife Ande and I were married in December of 2010 (in The Pink City of Jaipur).

Combining my love of psychology, spirituality and travel, I am most dedicated to helping others create or discover greater meaning in their lives and relationships through their travel adventures. One of the great, iconic themes through all of literature has been the “Hero’s Journey”, and each of has the opportunity to experience our own, if we have the curiosity and the passion to do so. That is what Sat Ananda Voyages is about.

I work from the truth of Martin Buber, who said : “All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” My mission, then, is to help you become aware of your secret, inner destinations….                                           Welcome to transformational travel…


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