Mission & Philosophy

Sat Ananda Voyages is dedicated to personal transformation through travel, conscious reflection, and intentional alignment with bliss, joy and wonder throughout the journey.

Lord of New Beginnings

Some sacred travel focuses on pursuing ascetic experiences, retiring from one’s everyday world to explore consciousness in seclusion and simplicity. Sat Ananda honors that decision, but we pursue a very different path.

We affirm and embrace the colorful, rich, and sometimes chaotic wonder to be found in Old Delhi bazaars, Santa Fe Art Markets, and the streets of New York, in addition to the holy temples of Pushkar and the sacred hot springs of Ojo Caliente. A higher consciousness is somewhat easily (and temporarily) found if you sit on the mountain or in a monastery, but we feel the place to really experience true conscious engagement of the higher, connected self is in the middle of life itself.

We also believe that the intentional pursuit of Joy is not at all inconsistent with the pursuit of a deeper kind of Self Knowledge—in fact, we would say that in the intentional and conscious pursuit of joyous experiences in our lives, we are much more likely to discover our true nature, or higher self, and thus be of service to others.

So when you travel with Sat Ananda Voyages, be prepared to experience joy, self-reflection, amazement, spiritual epiphanies, and goofiness. We would not do it any other way…


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